UK Marketplace Focus: Notonthehighstreet

08 November 2021
UK Marketplace Focus: Notonthehighstreet

Within the rapidly growing and evolving ecommerce industry, there are multiple different marketplaces on which you can sell your products – which can make it difficult to know who to partner with. The ‘UK Marketplace Focus’ series aims to support you in this decision by revealing key insights into various UK marketplaces to those who are unfamiliar, giving you the knowledge that you need to make decisions about the future expansion of your business. 

This article will concentrate on Notonthehighstreet, and will take a look into the key characteristics of this marketplace – covering everything you need to know from why you should sell on Notonthehighstreet and the unique selling points of the marketplace all the way through to commission fees, customer service and the logistics of deliveries and returns.



Founded in 2006 by Holly Tucker and Sophie Cornish, Notonthehighstreet is a unique marketplace that works with over 5,000 ‘Partners’ – which represent some of the UK’s best small creative businesses. Serving over 3 million customers, Notonthehighstreet partners with sellers in workshops and home studios all over the country, offering thoughtful gifts and unique homeware that has typically been handmade. 

Notonthehighstreet’s aim is to discover and develop talented, skilled and dedicated people who have exceptionally high standards. Through their innovative marketing campaigns and evolving tech platform, they seek to shine a spotlight on small businesses and make a real difference to their Partners’ lives. According to Notonthehighstreet, over 220 of their Partners have each made sales of over £1million working with them, with total sales of over £1billion being generated since their launch.

Why sell on Notonthehighstreet?

Key highlights:

  • Vast customer base
  • Events and partnerships
  • Online storefront

To begin with, one of the advantages of working with Notonthehighstreet is their vast customer base and their extensive marketing reach. Those who partner with the marketplace benefit from their large-scale advertising campaigns and constantly growing social media following. In addition, they have dedicated programmes across Google and Facebook as well as a mature affiliate programme. 

To continue, another benefit of working with Notonthehighstreet which really sets it apart from other marketplaces, is that it is not solely online. Although we have experienced a big shift from physical retail into the ecommerce space, you can get the best of both worlds with Notonthehighstreet as they host experiential events. This gives customers the opportunity to see your products in the flesh – allowing them to view the goods up close before buying them there and then. Alongside these events, their partnerships (such as with Stylist Live and Luna Cinema) allow tens of thousands of customers to interact with them and their Partners (sellers) in person.

Finally, aside from the real life in-person opportunities to promote your brand, Notonthehighstreet also helps you grow and manage your business online. When you become a Notonthehighstreet Partner, you will be given access to your very own online storefront, which is essentially an online shop window. Here, customers will be able to visit your page and learn about your products, read about your journey and shop your product range. You have access to your storefront 24/7, which also helps ensure you can manage your stock levels, add new product lines and update existing product information.

The USP of Notonthehighstreet

It is clear that there are a number of advantages to partnering with Notonthehighstreet; but with so many marketplaces operating in ecommerce, what sets this one apart from the others? Well as the name suggests, possibly the most unique thing about Notonthehighstreet is that they focus on offering unusual, distinctive and quirky products that you cannot typically find in high street shops or other large retail websites.

Top product categories

As mentioned previously, Notonthehighstreet is a marketplace which focuses on unique, hand-crafted and homemade products, many of which are personalised. Therefore, their top product categories range from home and garden through to the likes of gifts for special occasions, jewellery and even gift cards. 

Who is the consumer base?

Working with Notonthehighstreet will give you access to their vast consumer base, which comprises 3 million customers across the country. As commented on earlier, you can also benefit from Notonthehighstreet’s advertising campaigns and social media following. In addition, you can reach a wider customer base physically too, as they host events in which you can sell products directly to tens of thousands of customers in person. 

Therefore, not only will you be able to reach the more digitally-inclined shoppers, but also tap into that more old-fashioned consumer base that leans towards a more hands-on approach – something that is all the more important as shops reopen as businesses and consumers alike recover from the effects of the pandemic.

Commission fees and other costs

Regarding fees, according to Notonthehighstreet, there are no annual membership renewal fees or listing fees. Instead, there is a one-off joining fee of around £199 to sell with the marketplace, in addition to a 25% commission charge on sales.

Customer service

Notonthehighstreet has a team that helps Partners with customer services and business planning. Additionally, working with the marketplace gives you access to ‘The Hub’, which is a 24/7 online resource platform which has a lot of advice and useful information which may help with queries.

Delivery and returns

As a seller on Notonthehighstreet, it would be your responsibility to deliver items in their described condition and in a timely fashion. Not doing so could have harmful impacts on your customers’ shopping experience and therefore on your brand, particularly in terms of reputation.

Sell on Marketplaces with Arcade

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