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5 October 2021

UK Marketplace Focus: OnBuy

With the ecommerce industry rapidly growing and undergoing accelerated technological innovation, there are many unique marketplaces available on which you can sell your products. The 'UK Marketplace Focus' series will shine a spotlight on UK marketpl...
4 October 2021

Selling Cross-Border from Europe: Key Considerations and Pitfalls to Avoid

We are all well aware that Brexit has brought about several changes into the UK market, especially in the retail sector. Finding the right ways and methods to sell successfully in the UK has become extremely challenging for European brands and retail...
31 August 2021

Discovering the Top French Online Marketplaces

Covering the position as the second-largest ecommerce market in Europe, France is an exciting territory for European and international retailers to include in the cross-border strategy. Where ecommerce thrives, online marketplaces follow; indeed, the...
5 August 2021

Who Are the Leading Online Marketplaces in Europe in 2021?

Forecasted to reach $570 billion in value by 2025, the European ecommerce market is a lucrative territory populated by extensively developed countries in the online sector. As a result, online marketplaces have always played an important role in the ...
15 July 2021

Leading Online Marketplaces in the UK – The Alternatives to Amazon and eBay

With $97 billion of revenue last year, the UK firmly establishes its position as the largest ecommerce market in Europe. If you are an international brand or retailer planning an expansion into Europe, you may have already considered the UK as the fi...
2 July 2021

Navigating Australasia: Ecommerce Landscape and Leading Local Marketplaces

Australasia is an exciting ecommerce region, where Australia and New Zealand are emerging markets that will soon attract the attention of many international brands and retailers. Not a long time ago, selling in those remote regions from Europe would ...
17 June 2021

The Indian Ecommerce Market: What Are the Top Marketplaces in India?

With a 1.38 billion total population, India is the second most populated country globally, which means there is an enormous trading opportunity to be unlocked for international brands and retailers. Currently, there are 624 million active internet us...
26 May 2021

Southeast Asia: Ecommerce Market and Top Online Marketplaces

Southeast Asia is an exciting and fast-growing ecommerce region where eleven countries are flourishing and striving to improve their online influence. Although international sellers might first consider China as first on the list when expanding into ...
6 May 2021

The Japanese Ecommerce: Key Features And Leading Online Marketplaces

When brands and retailers start planning a roadmap for international expansion, usually China for Asia and the US for the Western hemisphere, they rank at the top of the cross-border trade's territory list. However, if we turn the attention to Asia, ...